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FluorChem Q system

Quantitative Western blot imaging

FluorChem Q

The multiplex fluorescent detection and chemiluminescent imaging capabilities of the FluorChem™ Q system is a slam-dunk solution for quantitative Western blot imaging and analysis. Its open platform is compatible with a wide range of dyes and kits, so you'll have full flexibility when you need it for multiple applications.

  • Six-position filter wheel gives you full-on UV and fluorescent imaging versatility
  • Three excitation channels with specific wavelengths let you do multiplex fluorescent Western blot imaging
  • Powerful fixed lens for imaging speeds that fly past film every time
  • AlphaView® Q software saves imaging protocols and has all the quantitative analysis tools you need

I'm tired of doing multiple exposures with film to get the images I need

With a 5-log dynamic range enabled by the large, high-resolution CCD sensor in FluorChem imagers, you can detect faint bands and bright bands without oversaturating in a single exposure. And you get your data in minutes, with no waste at all.

My proteins are close in molecular weight, and I need to be able to differentiate between them on a single blot

The high resolution, supercooled CCD cameras in FluorChem imagers ensure that you'll get the best image quality and the sensitivity you need to do accurate analysis, and differentiate between bands that are close together. The FluorChem Q also enables multiplex fluorescent imaging, letting you analyze overlapping proteins in the same blot.

We're doing a lot of different applications, and we don't want to have to buy multiple imagers

FluorChem imagers are versatile—they are upgradeable, with true multi-mode capabilities, including trans and epi UV, trans and epi white light, chemiluminescence, and visible fluorescence detection modes. Cover all your application bases with the flexibility you need.


I need to publish my results—how do I know I can get the quality images I need?

Our imagers have been published in over 20,000 publications worldwide. Our scientific-grade, high-resolution cameras ensure that you get great looking images that are perfect for publication.

I need to do analyses like densitometry and total protein normalization

AlphaView software, which comes with all AlphaImagers and FluorChem imagers, is packed with many advanced analysis features. From molecular weight analysis, lane profiling, and multiplex band analysis to colony counting and total protein normalization, AlphaView has everything you need for simple and complex applications.


Application TypesMultiplex Fluorescent Westerns, Chemiluminescent, Colorimetric, UV Fluorescent
System Configuration
Camera Resolution4.19 Megapixels (2048 x 2048)
Lens50 mm, f/0.95 Fixed, Manual (Motorized Lens Optional)
Pixels7.4 x 7.4 µm
Filter Positions6, Motorized
Upgrade OptionsXplor for 2D and Large Format Gels
Size20" W x 15" D x 39.5" H (51 x 38 x 100 cm)
Weight110 lbs (49.9 kg)


Cat No. 제품명
92-14095-00 FluorChem Q System - (220v)
92-13824-00 AlphaImager HP Imaging System - (220v)
92-15501-00 AlphaImager EC, 110V, MultiImage II (Motorized Zoom)
91-13419-00 Chromalight Multi-Wavelength Illuminator Option Kit