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Your workhorse station for purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis

Maurice innovates the conventional capillary electrophoresis technology to automate your protein profiling either by size or charge. Need cIEF and CE-SDS data for your mAbs, ADCs, vaccines or virus-like particles? Maurice does it all. Just pop in one of the preassembled cartridges, drop in your sample vials or a 96-well plate, and hit start. You will complete method development in a day; and get high-resolution, reproducible data in minutes.



My molecule has complicated charge profiles that are difficult to resolve

Maurice affords high-resolution characterization of charge variants by preserving our proprietary imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) technology, which has been the go-to method for measuring charge heterogeneity. The whole-column detection eliminates the post-focusing mobilization step needed with traditional cIEF, and can resolve your most challenging molecules including fusion proteins and hydrophobic ADCs.

My current method is not reproducible and error-prone

Maurice employs a prequalified, ready-to-use cartridge design which fully automates column conditioning and clean up. No laborious capillary assembly or maintenance is required. The on-board sample mixing feature further enhances the ease-of-use, and reduces operator-dependent variability commonly encountered with other systems.

I have many samples and my schedule is tight

Maurice produces pI and charge heterogeneity data in less than 10 minutes, and size-based CE-SDS data in 35 minutes. The fast separation time, flexible workflow and high reproducibility makes Maurice a true lab workhorse. In one day you can complete your method development, or analyze 48 to 100 samples in one batch. The icing? You can develop platform methods and use them for multiple molecules too.

I am concerned about cross-contamination between applications

Maurice employs completely separate fluid paths for cIEF and CE-SDS applications. Waste is collected inside the cartridge which removes the concern about cross-contamination between experiments. In addition, when dealing with molecules such as ADCs, no more hassle about handling the toxic waste.

My sample is limited and they tend to aggregate at high concentration

Maurice's native fluorescence detection for cIEF provides 3-5X higher sensitivity than UV absorption, which means you can now measure sample at concentration as low as 0.7 µg/ml. And because proteins tend to aggregate less at lower concentrations you can reduce or even eliminate urea completely in some of your methods. Baselines are also significantly cleaner and less sensitive to ampholyte interference, giving you more options when optimizing your pH gradient.

I work in a GMP lab and data integrity is key to my compliance requirement

Compass for iCE, the software package Maurice uses to acquire, manage and analyze data, has all the tools required for 21 CFR compliance so you'll have no issue analyzing biotherapeutics on Maurice in a regulated environment.

Minimum Sample Volume50 µL50 µL
Sample DeliveryVacuumElectrokinetic
Typical Separation Time6–10 min (molecule-dependent)Reduced IgG: 25 min,
Non-reduced IgG: 35 min
Detection CapabilityUV Absorbance at 280 nm
Fluorescence: Ex 280 nm, Em 320–450 nm
UV Absorbance at 220 nm
Typical VoltagePre-focusing: 1500 V, focusing: 3000 VSeparation: 5750 V
Sample Injections per Cartridge100 guaranteed, 200 maximum100 guaranteed, 200 maximum
Maximum Sample Injections per Batch10048
pI/Size Range2.85–10.4510–270 kDa
pI/Sizing CV1%≤2%
CV for Peaks >10% Composition≤5% (Intra-batch), ≤6% (Inter-batch)N/A
Relative Migration Time CVN/A<1% for reduced IgG
pI/Sizing Resolution0.05 pI units (for wide range 3–10 ampholytes)≥1.5 for NGHC/HC IgG Standard
Dynamic Range2 logs2 logs
Sensitivity (LOD)0.7 µg/mL (Native fluorescence)
3.0 µg/mL (Absorbance)
(Values based on a monoclonal antibody)
0.3 µg/mL
(Value based on Internal Standard)
Sample Tray Options96-well plates or 48 vials
Dimensions44cm H x 42cm W x 61cm D
Weight46 kg (100 lb)


Cat No. 제품명
090-000 Maurice
046-273 Maurice INSTALLATION KIT
001-529 Compass for iCE software
042-848 iCE Method Development Kit
046-432 Maurice CE-SDS Molecular Weight Markers
046-044 Maurice cIEF System Suitability Kit
046-025 Maurice cIEF Fluorescence Calibration Standard
046-028 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 3.38
046-029 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 4.05
046-030 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 5.85
046-031 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 6.14
046-032 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 7.05
046-033 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 8.40
046-034 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 9.99
046-035 Maurice cIEF pI Marker - 10.17
046-039 Maurice CE-SDS IgG Standard
102506 iCE Electrolyte Kit
042-691 Maurice cIEF 500 mM Arginine
PS-MAK02-S Maurice CE-SDS Application Kit
046-386 Maurice CE-SDS Separation Matrix
046-384 Maurice CE-SDS Running Buffer - Top
046-385 Maurice CE-SDS Running Buffer - Bottom
046-012 Maurice CE-SDS 1x Sample Buffer
046-013 Maurice CE-SDS Wash Solution
046-014 Maurice CE-SDS Conditioning Solution 1
046-015 Maurice CE-SDS Conditioning Solution 2
046-144 Maurice CE-SDS 25x Internal Standard
PS-MDK01-C Maurice cIEF Method Development Kit
046-036 Maurice cIEF Chemical Test Kit
101876 1% Methyl Cellulose Solution
102505 0.5% Methyl Cellulose Solution
PS-MC02-S Maurice CE-SDS Cartridges
046-124 Maurice CE-SDS Cartridge inserts
046-125 Maurice CE-SDS Cartridge Cleaning Vials
PS-MC02-C Maurice cIEF Cartridges
046-123 Maurice cIEF Electrolyte Tank Caps
046-017 Maurice Glass Reagent Vials, 2 mL
046-083 Maurice Sample Vials with Integrated insert, 0.2 mL
046-020 Maurice CE-SDS Orange Pressure Caps
046-332 Maurice cIEF Blue Pressure Caps
046-138 Maurice Clear Screw Caps
046-021 Maurice 96-Well plates