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Dry Load Vessels

Improve Purification Results


Biotage® SNAP are designed with the ability to dry load a sample within the cartridge.  Sometimes, the amount of adsorbent required exceeds the cartridge’s dry load capacity, or in the case of some formats, the dry loading needs to be external. When that situation arises, the Biotage DLV systems provide a convenient in-line solution.



The solution for hard-to-dissolve crude samples

One of the most common flash purification challenges is dealing with hard-to-dissolve crude samples. Because excess polar solvents cause poor chromatographic results, other sample load options are needed. A commonly used solution is dry loading, which involves dissolving the sample in a suitable polar solvent, mixing the solution with an inert, clean, dry adsorbent such as silica or diatomaceous earth, and drying the slurry. By drying the mixture, the polar solvent is removed and will have no impact on the purification. The dried sample is then loaded into an empty vessel and inserted infront of the purification cartridge.  Dry load vessels are available for use with all Biotage cartridges.

Biotage® Dry Load Vessels (DLV) are available in four size ranges - 5 g, 30 g, 70 g and 500 g to address the dry load needs at any purification scale. The dry load kits contain a fully adjustable plunger and a vessel holder designed for mounting on all Isolera systems.

For Isolera™ Spektra One and Four and Isolera™ Prime, the following three DLV kits are are recommended

  • DLVK-D for up to 5 g of solid load sorbent
  • DLVK-F for up to 30 g of solid load sorbent
  • DLVK-J for up to 70 g of solid load sorbent

Both empty and prefilled vessels are available for these kits. Prefilled vessels are available in silica, HM-N (diatomaceous earth), C18 and NH bonded silicas from 2 g to 70 g. Each of these media are available in bulk as well for those wishing to fill Biotage empty Dry Load Vessels.

For the Isolera™ Spektra LS the DLV-500 (up to 500 g of solid load sorbent) is recommended. Empty 500g capacity vessels are also available.

Safe and simple to use

A common flash purification challeng is hard-to-dissolve crude samples. Dry loading is an effective option, which involves dissolving the sample, mixing with an adsorbent and drying the slurry. The dried sample is then loaded into an empty vessel and inserted ahead of the purification cartridge. 
Biotage DLV products are attached on Biotage Isolera systems by use of a cartridge holder that can be mounted directly above the purification cartridge. The DLV barrels are designed with Luer outlets for simple attachment to Biotage SNAP cartridges and other Luer inlet cartridges and hold pressures >100 psi (7 bar). An adjustable plunger provides zero dead volume, high pressure seal ensures user safety.

Biotage external Dry Load Vessels (DLV)

The Biotage DLV product line includes three capacity ranges: 1–30 g (DLV-030), 10–70 g (DLV-070), and 50–500 g (DLV-500). The DLV-030 holds up to 30 g of adsorbent and is typically used with cartridges up to 120 g. The DLV-070 (70 g capacity) is useful with cartridges up to 400 g while the DLV-500 (500 g capacity) is used with the large purification cartridges (750 g+). All Biotage DLV products can be used with Biotage® Isolera™ systems and Biotage® SNAP cartridges.

Dry loading for Flash 75 and 150 cartridges

Flash 75 and 150 systems use a Biotage® SIM (Sample Introduction Module) for sample dry loading. SIMs are stainless steel vessels which are placed between the solvent reservoir and the cartridge. The SIM can be filled with preabsorbed compound or viscous liquid samples. The absorbed compounds are then eluted with solvent and separated in the flash cartridge. Viscous liquid samples are moved into the Flash cartridge using compressed air. Several sizes are available to meet differing load requirements including SIM 100, SIM 200, SIM 500, SIM-1000 and SIM-2000.


  • Improved sample separation
  • Higher loading capacity
  • Increased fraction purity
  • DLV Accessories
  • Replacement barrels and frits
  • DLV holders
  • Sim Accessories
  • Replacement frits
  • Replacement filter


Cat No. 제품명
DLV-035 Dry load vessel cartridges with frits 30 g, 20/cs
DLV-075 Dry load vessel cartridges with frits 70 g, 20/cs
DLV-505 Empty dry load cartridges and frits, 4/cs
DLV-TF Top frit for DLV-500
413127 DLV-030 and -070 holder four use with SNAP 10g through 100g cartridges
413128 DLV-030 and -070 holder for use with SNAP 340g cartridges
DLV-030 Dry load vessel kit, 30g
DLV-070 Dry load vessel kit, 70g
DLV-500 Dry Load Vessel for Isolera LS, 1/cs
412626 O-ring for DLV-500, Chemraz