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제목 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 등록일 2018-12-07 18:17:36


The latest, highest performing reversed phase C18 spherical silica flash cartridges available.


"We would not have been able to separate these two compounds using the old Biotage reverse phase C18 silica columns." Dr Gianna Toschi, Peakdale Molecular.


Flash Cartridges Made Not Just Better, At Least Two Times Better.

Confidently and routinely load 2–3% sample onto a reversed phase column (compared to the typical 0.5–1% loads). The Biotage® HP-Sphere™ C18, 25 μm spherical silica has a much higher loading capacity compared to traditional reversed phase silica. 


Reversed Phase:  Highly Effective for Polar Molecule Purifications

Unlike normal-phase chromatography, reversed-phase uses a hydrophobic stationary phase (e.g. C18 or ODS) and hydrophilic mobile phases (methanol/water, acetonitrile/water). By converting silica’s active, polar silanol sites to neutral, lipophilic sites, compounds that will either aggressively stick to silica or not stick at all can be retained, separated and eluted using water-based solvent systems.


Smaller Silica and Optimal Packing Techniques Means Higher Resolution (and ultimately Less Expensive Purification)

The small 25 μm spherical particles with an optimum balance of chemically neutral C18 silica, minimize band-broadening during flash purification, to improve productivity. Even the last peaks elute in efficent volumes.  Performance like this means a small Biotage® SNAP Ultra cartridge can replace a more expensive large alternative cartridge.


Utilize ACI™ – The Fastest Purification Workflow Yet

Through increased productivity, enhanced loading and significantly improved resolution, SNAP Ultra C18 cartridges are Biotage ACIcompliant.  Biotage ACI – Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation standards set the scene for purification, taking regular flash to the next level.  Read more about ACI here »


Scalable and Flexible

Isolera™ software and  SNAP Ultra C18 cartridges are designed to work together. Universal luer lock inlet and outlet ports ensure robust connection to the Biotage Isolera or any other flash chromatography system (adaptors are available to convert SNAP luer lock to luer push style fittings). A wide range of sizes are available, with seamless scalability from 12 g to 1850 g sizes providing simple and direct scale-up of samples from low milligrams to multi-ten-grams.

The Advantages 

  • Biotage HP-Sphere C18, spherical silica  supports high sample loading to reduce purification cost
  • Smaller, 25 um silica delivers the best peak resolution and higher concentration fractions reducing solvent evaporation time
  • Removable cap provides internal sample loading, both liquid and dry to improve purification performance
  • Full Samplet® cartridge compatibility to pre-concentrate / dry-load samples
  • Pre-packed Samplet cartridges increase loading capacity and produce tighter elution bands by removing the injection solvent effect
  • Medical-grade polypropylene reduces leachables that can contaminate purified compounds
  • Individually lot numbered for traceability
  • Designed to be the perfect complement to Biotage Isolera ACI / other flash chromatography systems
  • Universal fit onto all flash systems with Luer inlet and outlet connections


Recommended Instruments

  • Biotage Isolera™ flash purification family
  • Compatible with instruments requiring Luer-lock connections optional accessories
  • Dry loading vessels
  • Samplet® cartridges
  • 3-way injection valves
  • Adapters
Cat No. 제품명
DLV-035 Dry load vessel cartridges with frits 30 g, 20/cs
DLV-071 37mm FLASHPACK plunger o-ring (DLV070)
DLV-075 Dry load vessel cartridges with frits 70 g, 20/cs
FSUL-0401-0012 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 12 g, 2/cs
FSUL-0401-0030 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 30 g, 2/cs
FSUL-0401-0060 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 60 g, 2/cs
FSUL-0401-0120 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 120 g, 2/cs
FSUL-0401-0400 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 400 g, 1/cs
FSUL-0401-0950 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 950 g, 1/cs
FSUL-0401-1850 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 1850 g, 1/cs
SAS-0401-0012 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Samplet 1.2 g, 20/cs
SAS-0401-0030 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Samplet 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-0401-0120 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Samplet 12 g, 20/cs
SAS-0401-0400 Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Samplet 40 g, 6/cs
413027 3-way large bore stainless steel injection valve for Isolera systems
413127 DLV-030 and -070 holder four use with SNAP 10g through 100g cartridges
413128 DLV-030 and -070 holder for use with SNAP 340g cartridges
DLV-030 Dry load vessel kit, 30g
DLV-070 Dry load vessel kit, 70g
S1UL-0401-93050 Biotage® HP-Sphere C-18 scaling column 4.6 x 250 mm