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Racks, Bottles & Leak Detectors

Everything to Optimize Your Sample Collection



Fraction collection racks are available to fit a large variety of collection test tubes.  Choose from an extensive range of : 13x100 mm, 16x100 mm, 15x150mm, 18x150mm, 25x150mm.

Rack Guides

These 0.5 mm thick polypropylene overlays come in four sizes for use with Biotage® Isolera™ 13, 16, 18, and 25 mm test tube racks. They are laser etched on both sides to represent “S” and 
“Z” collection patterns.

Collection bottles

120mL, 240mL or 480mL square based bottles for collecting larger fractions.  For even larger collection volumes a funnel rack is available.

Funnel Rack

Designed for use with the Biotage® Isolera™ Spektra LS, the funnel rack kit provides up to 320 L of fraction capacity. The kit includes two 16 position finial racks, a portable cart and grounding cables. Inert, static-resistant funnel tubes are also available.

Leak Detectors

The Isolera™ leak detection system is designed with safety in mind. Unlike devices with unreliable solvent vapor sensitivity, this leak detector’s refractive index monitor instantly signals the Isolera™ to stop pumping if any liquid is detected. Available for both standard and extended bed Isolera™ systems.


Cat No. 제품명
08743 Bottles for Biotage® 240 mL bottle racks, 240mL with Caps
411935 Bottles for Biotage® 480 mL bottle racks, 480mL with Caps, Qty 24
411789 Isolera Rack 13 x 100, 4/cs
411790 Isolera Rack 16 x 100, 4/cs
411791 Isolera Rack 16 x 150, 4/cs
411792 Isolera Rack 18 x 150, 4/cs
411793 Isolera Rack 25 x 150, 4/cs
411794 Isolera Rack 120mL, 4/cs
411929 Isolera Rack Tray, 480mL, 1/cs
411934 Isolera Rack Tray, 240mL, 1/cs
412019 Isolera Instrument Tray w. Solvent Detector
412062 Isolera Instrument Tray w. Solvent Detector EXP
413175 Isolera Rack Overlay 25 mm tubes, 4/cs
413176 Isolera Rack Overlay 18 mm tubes, 4/cs
413177 Isolera Rack Overlay 16 mm tubes, 4/cs
413178 Isolera Rack Overlay 13 mm tubes, 4/cs