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Flash 75/150/400 Cartridges

Industrial Scale Flash Cartridges

The original flash cartridges invented by Biotage deliver world class purification and ease of use. These industrial scale cartridges provide a straightforward purification scale-up path from other flash cartridges.



Flash 75 and Flash 150

Routinely operating at a flow rate of 250 mL/min, Flash 75 and 150 cartridges can save hours or even days of purification time compared to using glass-column flash purification. Flash 75 and 150 cartridges operate in radially compressed barrels that squeeze the cartridge walls, improving bed density and minimizing the chance of voiding and channeling.

Flash 400

The Biotage Flash 400 cartridges are designed for use together with the Biotage® Flash 400 chromatography system. The system has interchangeable compression modules to accomodate either the Flash 400M or Flash 400L cartridges, with the capacity to purify up to 4 kg of crude reaction mixture. Flash 400M is a 30 cm cartridge with 28 L column volume. The Flash 400L is a 60 cm, 56 L cartrigde typically holding up to 48 kg of media.

Reliable Gram-Scale Purification

The range of available sizes and media enable purification from tens to hundreds of grams of crude reaction mixtures. Choose from Biotage® KP-Sil, Biotage® KP-C18-HS, Biotage® KP-NH, activated carbon, HP20, or HP20SS media. Cartridge are available in five sizes: 200 g, 400 g, and 800 g (Flash 75), and 2.5 kg and 5 kg (Flash 150).

Patented Radial Compression Technology

Biotage’s proprietary process ensures that each Flash cartridge is shipped tightly packed. The application of our proven, patented radial compression technology maintains the bed’s stability for cleaner, purer fractions in less time delivering higher yield. The extra force from radial compression ensures near zero “wall effects” and channeling inside each column.

Media Options

Flash 75 and 150 cartridges are available with many media choices to enable direct scale-up from smaller-scale Biotage cartridges. Choose from Biotage KP-SIL, Biotage KP-C18-HS, Biotage KP-NH, activated carbon, Mitsubishi Diaion™ HP20, HP20SS, and even wide pore media such as Biotage KP-C4-WP and Biotage KP-C18-WP.


  • Improves safety by eliminating the need to handle kilogram amounts of media 
  • Compression modules maximize sample contact with silica
  • Large scale economical workhorse
  • Compression modules radially compress Flash 75 and Flash 150 cartridges to maximize sample contact with silica (higher sample load) and separation performance (greater purity, recovery)
  • Compression modules seal up to 100 psi, ensuring leak-free operation even with high flow rates and reversed-phase solvents
  • Knife-edge sealing mechanism in the Flash 75 and Flash 150 compression modules seals to 100 psi without o-rings

Advantages - Flash 400

  • GMP compliant for production of API’s 
  • Can purify more than 4 kg of crude reaction mixture 
  • Shipped in a re-sealable container for disposal and incineration 

Recommended Instruments

  • Flash 75
  • Flash 150
  • Optional accessories
  • Biotage SIMs (Sample injection module)
  • 3-way injection valve


Cat No. 제품명
FK0-1107-19045 Flash 75M Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-19073 Cartridge, (10 )KP-Sil Flash 75L
FK0-1107-19075 Flash 75L Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-25075 Flash 150M Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-25155 Flash 150L Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-50070 Flash 400M Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-50075 Cartridge, (2) KP-Sil Flash 400M
FK0-1107-50150 Flash 400L Cartridge with KP-Sil
FK0-1107-50155 Cartridge, (2) KP-Sil Flash 400L
FL0-1118-19040 Flash 75M Cartridge with KP-C18-HS
FL0-1118-19070 Flash 75L Cartridge with KP-C18-HS
FL0-1118-50070 Flash 400M Cartridge with KP-C18-HS
FL0-1118-50150 Flash 400L Cartridge with KP-C18-HS
FPNH-75L Flash 75L Cartridge with KP-NH
FPNH-75M Flash 75M Cartridge with KP-NH
FT6-2030-19045 Flash 75M Cartridge with HP-20
FT6-2030-19075 Flash 75L Cartridge with HP-20
FT6-2030-25155 Flash 150L Cartridge with HP-20
FT6-2530-19070 Flash 75L Cartridge with HP-20SS
FT6-2530-25070 Flash 150M Cartridge with HP-20SS
FT6-2530-25150 Flash 150L Cartridge with HP-20SS