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Samplet® Cartridges

Supercharge SNAP column purification



Load samples onto the column more effectively than with traditional liquid loading. Designed exclusively to complement the SNAP cartridge format, Samplets allow you to boost flash purification performance without changing your purification strategy.



Creating dried, adsorbed samples will improve the separation performance on any cartridge. Biotage’s Samplet® cartridges are designed for quick and convenient loading of concentrated samples. After the sample has been applied the solvent is allowed to evaporate, the Samplet is then inserted into the SNAP cartridge, now loaded with a concentrated sample. This will eliminate the strong solvent dissolution effect and facillitate optimum chromatography.

Designed for SNAP and SNAP ULTRA cartridges

Available with normal, reversed or amino functionalized silica, with a choice of irregular, or high performance spherical silica when working with normal phase systems.

A wide range of options are available, choose from pre-filled samplets, empty samplet cartridges with frits, replacement frits and samplet frit insertion tools.


Cat No. 제품명
SAS-0442-0025 Biotage® SNAP Ultra Samplet 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-0442-0100 Biotage® SNAP Ultra Samplet 10 g, 20/cs
SAS-0442-0340 Biotage® SNAP Ultra Samplet 34 g, 6/cs
SAS-0909-0011 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-NH 1 g, 20/cs
SAS-0909-0028 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-NH 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-0909-0110 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-NH 11 g, 20/cs
SAS-0909-0375 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-NH 37 g, 6/cs
SAS-1107-0010 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-SIL 1 g, 20/cs
SAS-1107-0025 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-SIL 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-1107-0100 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-SIL 10 g, 20/cs
SAS-1107-0340 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-SIL 34 g, 6/cs
SAS-1118-0012 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 1 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0030 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0120 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 12 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0400 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 40 g, 6/cs
SES-0010 SNAP Empty Samplet, (20), Kit, 1g
SES-0025 SNAP Empty Samplet, (20) Kit, 2.5g
SES-0100 SNAP Empty Samplet, (20), Kit, 10g
SES-0340 Snap 340g Empty Samplet Cartridge Kit
SFS-0010 Frit Insertion Tool, 10g
SFS-0025 Firt Insertion Tool 25g
SFS-0100 Frit Insertion Tool, 50/100g
SFS-0340 Snap 340g Samplet Frit Insertion Tool
SLF-0010 Dry Load Frits, (20), SNAP Cartridges 10g
SLF-0025 Dry Load Frits, (20), SNAP Cartridges 25g
SLF-0100 Dry Load Frits, (20), SNAP Cartridges 100g
SLF-0340 Snap 340g Dry Load Frits