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Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS

Cartridges for Reversed Phase Chromatography

Reversed-phase flash chromatography is a very effective purification technique. Its main application areas include polar, ionizable and highly lipophilic compounds which cannot easily be separated by normal-phase techniques. 


Unlike normal-phase chromatography, reversed-phase uses a hydrophobic stationary phase (e.g. C18 or ODS) and hydrophilic mobile phases (methanol/water, acetonitrile/ water). By converting silica’s active, polar silanols sites to neutral, lipophilic sites, compounds that will either aggressively stick to silica or not stick at all can be retained, separated and eluted using waterbased solvent systems.

Biotage SNAP cartridges are  are made from medical grade materials and batch tested to ensure they meet stringent performance standards including efficiency (plate count) and peak symmetry. The Luer-lock connections operate safely at 100 psi without compression modules and can be used on any flash system. The SNAP design supports the greatest number of loading techniques available, including three different internal dry loading options. Dry loading the sample using Samplet® cartridges gives the best performance by eliminating any dissolution solvent effects. 

  • Five popular sizes 10 g, 25 g, 50 g, 100 g and 340 g
  • Universal fit
  • Luer-lok connections require no compression modules or additional adapter kit when used with other flash systems 
  • 100 psi (7 bar) pressure stability
  • 20% higher loading capacity than competitive cartridges
  • Better peak resolution compared to competitive cartridges
  • Translucent polypropylene for visible solvent migration
  • Proprietary packing technology 
  • Quality-tested for plate count, peak shape, and bed stability. 
  • Seven loading options
  • Lot number layer etched on each cartridge
  • Removable cap with extra column head space allows Samplet and bulk dry-loading to improve purification performance

Recommended Accessories

  • Dry loading vessels
  • Samplet cartridges
  • 3-way injection valves
  • Adapters

Recommended Instruments

  • Isolera™ flash purification instruments

3 internal dry sample load options

Internal dry loading improves sample purification by eliminating the problems associated with injecting samples dissolved in chromatographically strong solvents. This can be performed using either a pre-packed Biotage KP-C18-HS Samplet cartridge or with loose adsorptive media such as bulk Biotage KP-C18-HS or Biotage HM-N (diatomaceous earth).

  • Prepacked Samplet® cartridge dry loading
  • Self-packed Samplet cartridge dry loading
  • Direct, on-cartridge dry loading
  • 20% more loading capacity
  • Higher peak resolution



Cat No. 제품명
FSL0-1118-0030 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 30 g, 2/cs
FSL0-1118-0060 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 60 g, 2/cs
FSL0-1118-0120 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 120 g, 2/cs
FSL0-1118-0400 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 400 g, 1/cs
FSL0-1118-0950 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 950 g, 1/cs
FSL0-1118-1850 Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS 1850 g, 1/cs
SAS-1118-0012 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 1 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0030 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 3 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0120 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 12 g, 20/cs
SAS-1118-0400 Biotage® SNAP Samplet KP-C18-HS 40 g, 6/cs
S1L0-1118-93050 Column, Scaling KP-C18-HS 4.6mmIDx25cm