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SLE, SPE, PLD and PPT Automation

Extrahera™ is a powerful, user friendly automation system for Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Depletion (PLD) and Protein Precipitation (PPT) based methods, in plate or column formats.



No More Tedious Manual Labor

Biotage® Extrahera™ automates sample processing and does it with engineered precision. Skilled analysts can be redeployed to other demanding tasks such as data analysis. Get repeatable and solid results – every time. 

The Best of Both Worlds

There is no point for you to invest in two different instruments in order to process different formats. With Extrahera, switching between well plate formats and  1, 3 or 6 mL columns can be achieved in a matter of minutes.


Intelligent Pipette Tip Reuse

Extrahera cleverly links and tracks the tips for re-use with each solvent. Extrahera saves you consumables costs by using only one tip per sample.

No Service Engineers Needed to Program Your System

The clean and simple user interface delivered with Extrahera makes setting up your system a joyful and easy task. Save and re-use your favorite methods and generate pdf reports of your runs.


No More Waste of Space

Extrahera has an enclosed processing area and an integral exhaust fan. It protects you, your colleagues and makes it a compact bench top buddy.


Download Support Documents

For more detailed information read the Extrahera Brochure »


Configuration Guide

Choose either 24 or 96 format Extrahera, or a system with capability for both. Ultimate flexibility.


Cat No. 제품명
414001 Biotage® Extrahera™
SER-EX-FYMP First Year Maintenance Package - Biotage® Extrahera™
SER-EX-FYMP-Q FYMP and Qualification Package (IQOQ) - Biotage® Extrahera™
SER-EX-IN Installation and Familiarization - Biotage® Extrahera™
SER-EX-SAL Service Agreement - Limited - Biotage® Extrahera™
SER-EX-SAP Service Agreement - Priority - Biotage® Extrahera™
121-5202 Collection Plate, 1 mL Square
121-5203 Collection Plate, 2 mL Square
121-5208 Collection Plate, 10 mL 24-well
121-5210 Collection Plate, 5 mL, 48-well
121-5213 Collection Plate, 2 mL Round
413282 Test Tubes (16 x 75 mm, Uncap)
414509SP Extrahera Calibration Vials, Plastic 1 mL
414574 Test Tubes (18 x 75 mm, Uncap)
C40707 Test Tubes (13 x 100 mm, Uncap)
C40708 Test Tubes (16 x 100 mm, Uncap)
C44651 Test Tubes (12 x 75 mm, Uncap)
356330SP Vacuum pump ME1C, complete with cables and connectors
413640SP Column Rack 24 x 6 mL (Tabless), Biotage® Extrahera™
413991SP Solvent Rack for 25 mL Reservoir, Biotage® Extrahera™
414045SP Solvent Reservoir 25 mL, Biotage® Extrahera™
414141 1000 µL Clear Tips, 960 tips/box, Biotage® Extrahera™
414169SP Column Rack 24 x 1 mL, Biotage® Extrahera™
414174SP Column Rack 24 x 3 mL, Biotage® Extrahera™
414201SP Flow Through Plate 96, Biotage® Extrahera™
414203SP Flow Through Plate 24, Biotage® Extrahera™
414214SP Solvent Reservoir 100 mL, Biotage® Extrahera™
414253SP Column Rack 96 x 1 mL (tabless), Biotage® Extrahera™
414254SP Sample Rack 16 x 100 mm 24 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
414255SP Sample Rack 13 x 100 mm 24 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
414511SP Collection Rack 12 x 75 mm 24 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
414516SP Flow Through Plate 48, Biotage® Extrahera™
414578SP Inserts for 12 x 32 mm vials for Collection Rack 12 x 75 mm 24 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
414579 Solvent Safety Kit (inc. GL45 Caps, Filters and Bottles), Biotage® Extrahera™
414702SP Matrix Tube retaining Plate, Biotage® Extrahera™
414703SP Spacer for µElution and SPEC Fixed Well Plates, Biotage® Extrahera™
415040 Configuration Kit 96 Positions Dual Flow, Biotage® Extrahera™
415041 Configuration Kit 24 Positions Dual Flow, Biotage® Extrahera™
415491 Sample/Collection Rack (24 Positions, 12 x 75 mm Tubes), Biotage® Extrahera
415492 Sample/Collection Rack (24 Positions, 18 x 75 mm Tubes), Biotage® Extrahera
415560SP Solvent Rack for 100 mL Reservoirs, Biotage® Extrahera™
415585 Sample/Collection Rack (24 Positions, 16 x 75 mm Tubes), Biotage® Extrahera
415603SP Pressure Head Seal Self Adhesive 24 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
415604SP Pressure Head Seal Self Adhesive 96 Positions, Biotage® Extrahera™
416114SP Column Rack 24 x 3 mL Bond Elut, Biotage® Extrahera
SER-EX-IQOQ Qualification Package (IQ/OQ) - Biotage® Extrahera™